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PV inverter
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PV inverter is the generating system of solar alternating current, consisted of battery board, charge controller ,inverter and storage battery. Inverter is important conversion device



■ encapsulation of solar inverter——TT700

·good adhesion to wire rod and sealing

·good waterproof and anti-aging property

·excellent flame retardant and heat conductivity

·excellent adhesion and sealing


Product introduction

TT700 silicone is a two-part flexible silicone rubber designed for encapsulation of electronic products in harsh conditions. When this liquid components are thoroughly mixed with the ratio of 1:1 by weight, the mixture cures to a flexible elastomer, which is suited for the protection of electrical/electronic applications

  1. Resistant to moisture、dirt and other air components
  2. educe mechanical stress and tension caused by machinery、thermal shock and shake.
  3. Easier to be fixed,excellent self-repairing
  4. Transparent,high degree of transparency
  5. Excellent electronic property,long-term stability
  6. no solvent and by-products

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