DS500 heat-conduction silicate
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Production description

DS500 heat-conduction silicate is composited by metallic oxide and silicon rubber with excellent heat conductivity and insulativity. Products have excellent heat conductivity and insulativity , and stable properties for easy construction and operation. Because of non-toxic, non-corrosion, tasteless, indissoluble and immobile, the products could be heat media for electronics such as large power switch triode, filling to gap between thyristor diode and base material(aluminum, cooper), and to bring down working temperature of heating elements


Performance indicators





White paste



          Needle penetration(1/10mm)


Oil scatteration(%,200℃/hr)




Thermal conductivity [W/(m•k)]


Application temperature (℃)



*All properties are measured 7 days after curing at 25 ℃, 55% relative humidity conditions.


Technology and operation

  1. Clean the surface:clean the sizing surface and remove dust and oil pollution
  2. Sizing glue:cut open the rubber tube,push the glue onto the sizing surface and homogenize.Then fold the adhesive faces and fix .
  3. Cure:expose the sticked and sealed components to the air to cure spontaneously.Cure begins at the surface and process to the inside.Within 24h(room temperature and 55%RH),the curing depth would reach 2~4mm.If the location of sizing is deeper,especially locations hard to contract the air,the complete curing time would extend.The same would happen when temperature is lower.
  4. Notice:after the operation,the remained glue should be sealed immediately.It can be used normally next time after removing condensates.



Box  50ml/b  200b/case

Box  100ml/b  100b/case

Bottled  300ml/b  25b/case


Storage and transport

  1. Under28℃ can be stored for 9 months
  2. Transport and store sealed as non-dangerous goods;


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