TT900 silicone gel
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Product description

TT900 silicone gel is a two-part silicone rubber designed for encapsulation and protection of electronic products in harsh condition.When this liquid components are thoroughly mixed with the ratio of 1:1 by weight, the mixture cures to a flexible elastomer, which is suited for the protection of electrical/electronic applications.TONTEE silicone elastomers require no post cure and can be placed in service immediately following the completion of the cure schedule with an operating temperature range of -50 to 250℃. This product has been classified by Underwriters Laboratories and SGS.

Type: elastomer,gel                                                                       

Physical form: a two-part silicone elastomers  

Special properties

  1. Resistant to moisture、dirt and other air components
  2. educe mechanical stress and tension caused by machinery、thermal shock and shake.
  3. Easier to be fixed,excellent self-repairing
  4. Transparent,high degree of transparency
  5. Excellent electronic property,long-term stability
  6. no solvent and by-products
  7. completely accordance to ROHS of EU mandating requirements

Potential use

Protection of electrical, electronic devices

Performance indicators



Before curing



Viscosity of part A  mPa·s (25℃)


Viscosity of part A  mPa·s (25℃)


Density g/cm3(25℃)


After curing

Mixing ratio (by weight)  A:B


Viscosity of the mixture mPa·s(25℃)


Working time (min,25℃)


Curing time (hr,25℃)


Curing time(min,60℃)


Dielectric strength(kV/mm)



                   *All properties are measured 7 days after curing at 25 ℃, 55% relative humidity conditions.

Operating processes and precautions

1. Operating processes

The A, B two components are mixed with the ratio of 1:1, deaerated in vacuum, and then operated. It must be cured preliminary before the next step in the product.

2. Note

(1) Stir well before use and pay attention to tightness.

(2) Vacuum conditions can achieve better curing effect.

(3) Curing time will differ due to temperature changes, and should be extended in low temperatures.


Supplied by 25Kg/barrel or 10Kg/barrel

So each group is 50Kg or 20Kg.

Storage and transport

1. Each component has to be protected from light, avoid heat and sealed;

2. Room temperature, dry conditions can be stored sealed for 1 year;

3. Transport and store as non-dangerous goods;


This does not include product safety information. Be sure to read product information, product safety information and package labels for safe use. You can demand the product safety information by email from our Service Center, or call +86-512-63249627.

Quality assurance
 We guarantee the use of our product information is accurate and reliable. However, please make the testing according your standards before using. The application information provided can not be considered are applicable in any situation. If our products are not match the parameters listed, a exchange or return service can be provided. We are not responsible for accident.


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