DS708 silicone sealants
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Products description 

 DS708 is one kind of silicone sealants which is neutral room temperature cured.Elastomer formed after its glue solution solidified has excellent resistance alternation of hot and cold performance and insulating property. The bond lines are moisture-proof、anti-seismic and could withstand voltage,at the sam time,the products have good adhesive property,stable performance ,and are resistant to color change;they are extensively used in coating protection of electronic components on the PCB、adhesive healing and reinforcement moisture-proof etc,such as water resistance of all kinds of instruments、fixation of electronic modules and cover of circuit board etc.


Performance indicators




Before curing



Viscosity  (mPa·s)


Density( g/cm3)


Surface dry time


After curing

Tensile strength (MPa)


elongation at break(%)


Hardness(shore A)


Dielectric strength(kv/mm)


Volume resistance (Ω.cm)


Suitable temperature(℃)



*All properties are measured 7 days after curing at 25 ℃, 55% relative humidity conditions.


Operating processes and precautions

1. Must maintain the sizing surface clean and dry,remove dust and oil pollution which would affect the effect of bonding or sealing.According to the requirements ,choose suitable gluing thickness.

2. Moisture effect、temperature and humidity would affect curing rate when the glue solution was cured,hence,it is better to adjust the curing time as the circumstance is changing.

3. The remained glue solution should be sealed saved.If there are some condensates when use the glue solution again,you can use normally after removing them.

4. The products are non-dangerous goods,and keep a favorable ventilation working place.Avoid your eyes touching the uncured glue,if did,wash your eyes with clean water and go to a doctor immediately.



Boxes  50ml/b  200b/case

Boxes  100ml/b  100b/case

Boxes  300ml/b  25b/case


Storage and transport

  1. Under28℃ , dry conditions can be stored sealed for 9 months
  2. Transport and store as non-dangerous goods;



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